About Us

The Louis Quarterman Salon experience is about affording our clients valued service, quality hair care and consistency of hair care services that are essential to maintaining and growing healthy manageable hair.

In 2012, Louis Quarterman envisioned opening a hair salon geared towards women who have embraced their natural textures and wanted the versatility of their natural hair. Louis wanted to provide a professional healthy alternative to women who have chosen a chemically free way of life.

At the Louis Quarterman Salon we constantly strive to exceed our clients’ expectations by offering individualized services to each client. During every salon visit our clients are treated with our personal service as we strive to exceed their expectations. All of our team members are dedicated to finding the perfect styling and hair care treatment for each client’s unique hair texture.

Each team member has received the highest level of training in: Cutting, Coloring, Natural Styling, Protective Styling, Blow Outs, Extensions, Chemical Treatments, all while enhancing and protecting your hair’s textures. Additionally, all Louis Quarterman Salon team members specialize in natural hair and participate in continuous education and product classes geared towards ultimate hair care. LQS constantly stays in touch with industry leaders and seasonal trends to ensure stylists are up to date on the most current and cutting edge revolutions in beauty and fashion.

Louis Quarterman Salon Approach

We also use the latest techniques and tools of “Ionic Fusion”. Ionic Fusion is a revolutionary ceramic hydrating tool technique that provides a healthy heating alternative for women with natural or chemically treated textures (naturally wavy, curly, or kinky hair) that are beautifully resilient and resistant to humidity and moisture. In fact, the number one cause of shedding or breakage is dryness!! Building moisture content is the key to healthy hair, growth, shine, and enhancing your hairs natural curl pattern which is our primary focus. We build and maintain moisture by using ceramic tools and hydration treatments which assist our clients’ hair resist dryness, which is a very common natural hair problem.

Louis Quarterman Salon Dedication to Customers

Once you enter our salon you will always receive a friendly greeting, followed by a thorough hair consultation about the service your stylist will be providing.

Each team member is here to ensure your Louis Quarterman Salon experience is an enjoyable visit. Once your service is complete all team members’ provide their clients with a list of suggested home maintenance products to assist in caring for their hair until their next visit with us.

Join us, and join the healthy, progressive hair revolution that is Louis Quarterman Salon: Where your natural beauty matters!!

“It’s all about the HAIR. Everything else is SECONDARY”